Republican for Erie County Executive

We can all agree that this country has had a sordid relationship with politics.  We are now and have been plagued by politicians who don’t listen, and don’t care. An electorate who is indifferent and a judiciary whose interests lie beyond the scope of the constitutional adherence they are tasked with upholding.   As a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, it has been my sworn duty for the past sixteen plus years to fight for the rights of each and every American citizen -regardless of differing points of view. I have never seen a flag draped over the casket of a soldier that said Republican, Democrat, Independent, man, woman, gay,straight, rich, poor, black, white, christian, or muslim. Through the lessons of leadership and the atrocities of war, I have seen the most unimaginable disregard for human life and witnessed the miracles of the human spirit that few will ever know.

I have learned that the sun rises and sets each day and the views from each of our windows on the very same sun differs. This lesson transcends continents, nations, languages, and communities. There is not a blanket statement or fix that will perfectly fit each neighborhood or home. Our nation has fallen into a divide, the “US vs THEM” mentality that promotes hate and distance between friends, family, and communities. As Americans, we have lost our true center and forgotten how to respectfully debate and often the need to agree to disagree. I firmly believe that regardless of the view from each “window”, we can all agree that we want to live in a nation that keep our families safe from harm.  We want to promote a world that honors our elderly by ensuring their proper care, both financially and medically. We can agree that we want to see our children grow-up safe and slow, enjoy life, earn a quality education, and see their dreams become reality. We can agree that we wish to live in a community that embodies love for their neighbor, respect is paramount, and bigotry is unacceptable. 

I recall a day when our nation stood unified, a day when we were all simply Americans, watching in horror as the Twin Towers fell on September 11th, 2001. Strangers helping strangers from the deadly rubble and chaos of Ground Zero for days on end without rest. A true testament to human compassion, our spirit as a nation, and the proof that America together can conquer any disaster or enemy that may come before us. Abraham Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself can not stand.” Those words spoken in Springfield, IL in June of 1858 are just as relevant in 2017 across the nation and in Erie County. It is only together that we may prosper. Join me in our fight as we once again unify our communities, bring safety to our streets, and work together to ensure that Erie County is a place we are proud to live, work, and call home.


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