Jobs and the Economy

Erie County needs to focus on developing commercial activity which creates jobs at livable wages. Our current County Executive has publicly stated that she “believes the entrepreneurial spirit has left the county”. I have visited thousands of Erie residents and hundreds of businesses and not one of these business owners have lost their spirit!! The entrepreneurial spirit has been the back bone of Erie County since the 1800s and will continue to be our strength. Areas across the county that have been identified to be most affected by the loss of industry and jobs will be areas of focus to apply economic mechanisms and strategies to enable the private business sector to create sustainable jobs at fair, livable wages.

Erie County has many assets which can be utilized to our advantage such as: transportation via air, water, rail, and highway,  agricultural space, an abundance of fresh water, access to natural resources, and tapping into other local markets within our region such as the oil and gas industry. With a $3.2 billion dollar plant being built in a nearby county, Erie County should be the first in line with construction workers, materials, and manufacturers ready to provide the services and resources to support these endeavors. Through collaboration with other regional leadership, we all WIN!

Erie County can no longer afford to sit idly by to watch as opportunity and our community pass like two ships quietly in the night. We must reinvent ourselves within new areas to find market relevance that leads to increased population, job creation, and economic opportunities. No sphere of opportunity should be ignored, technology, communication, green energy, medical marijuana, and many other untapped resources must be explored to ensure that our community has every available opportunity to modernize, grow, and prosper.

I will utilize my real world entrepreneurial experience coupled with my graduate level education in Community and Economic Development to continue guiding start-ups and developing businesses to create the most innovative, comprehensive, and accessible satellite training and incubator programs available.  We will lead the nation in new ways of training our work forces for jobs that actually exist! Erie County will shine as a beacon of success and become the New Mecca for young college graduates and young families. The establishment of this higher standard will provide new opportunities for employment, educational success, safe neighborhoods while maintain our low cost of living.