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Jobs and the Economy

It is time Erie utilizes its many resources to our advantage. This area has some of the greatest untapped potential in Pennsylvania. We will unlock our rich past, to establish a promising future. We all deserve outstanding leadership!


We will pursue education outlets for those out of work or underemployed seeking to learn marketable skilled trades.

Fighting Blight, Benefiting our Senior Citizens

We will reduce and prevent blight within Erie County while lowering tax burdens on our senior citizens.

County Land Bank

A land bank is a powerful tool which encourages redevelopment and investment from commercial and private initiatives. This will further reduce blight as well as provide useful opportunities for Erie County.

Crime and Violence 

The streets call our youth 24 hours a day… When parents are not there, the streets are… When jobs are not there, the streets are… When opportunity is not there, the streets are. It is time we offer Erie County a great future.

County Contractor Licensure

This will provide a competitive edge to local businesses and skilled labor to provide more job opportunities locally all the while boosting our economy.


We have lived our lives being taught if we work hard and get an education, the house, car, a family – the American dream is achievable. We have watched our parents work steady jobs, many remaining loyal since shortly after high school. The wages raised a family and kept a home; retirement may not be easy, but some make it to the finish line. Pensions used to be the standard, not the exception.

Those in my generation look around at our peers, college graduates often underemployed or unemployed. When generations of yesteryear spent their mid to late 20s buying a home and raising a family; our generation is holding off due to the costs of student debt forcing many into second and third jobs to keep pace with the interest alone!

We understand what it is we are fighting for, a viable future and a better way of life. Many of us have fought for the past decade or longer on foreign soils to ensure our world remains free. We are no longer the wide eyed youth you remember. Our parents have seen fit we have grown strong and capable, to think for ourselves, to question life when it does not seem just, and to love one another despite our differences.
The fate of our generation and the condition of the world we will leave our children rests in the hands of those we will soon elect. We refuse to leave it to chance! We have ALL of our skin left in the game. We are all too aware if we sit idly by and watch more managed decline, it will result in a much deeper hole and we may not be able to dig ourselves out. We have read time and again we must attract a new youthful population to Erie. Truth be told, the successes of these young entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, academics, and trades people will ring far and wide that Erie is the Center of Opportunity.
Imagine a government with a County Executive and City of Erie Mayor; both working hand in hand to lead our region into the dawn of a new era. Fresh eyes, new ideas, and confident motivation to lead our community into new waters. The lessons our parents bestowed upon us as reminders to not forget where we come from and the dreams of a few “80’s babies” to guide Erie County into the dawn of a new age.