County Contractor Licensure

With nearly a billion dollars being committed to the Erie region in development projects over the next three years, it will be my priority to ensure Erie County businesses have a competitive edge over non-resident companies through a county wide contractor licensure.

This county licensure will provide a competitive edge for Erie County business owners in obtaining contracts, increasing local jobs with livable wages, and keeping the money in the hands and on the tables of Erie County residents. Reducing predatory practices within the residential services market giving home owners the ability to see justice be done before groups of residents lose hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars.

With over 1,200 contractors, landscapers, excavators, electricians, roofers, concrete and asphalt, plumbers, carpenters, flooring installers, window services, and tree service professionals, millions of dollars can be generated to fund training opportunities for jobs which actually exist! These programs will elevate the quality of the local service industry, increase the pool of local skilled job applicants, and provide sustainable jobs at fair wages for hard working men and women of Erie County.